Why Call Skunk Removal Experts?

Wild animals like skunks easily infiltrate your home and are difficult to get rid of. If you think you might have skunks on your property, call us immediately. We are ready to help you solve your skunk problem fast! Our wildlife specialists are trained and experienced in dealing with Skunks and other wild animals found in the GTA.

Trained & Certified Wildlife Removal Specialists

Wherever the skunks are hiding we will find them

Eco Friendly, Humane Removal Techniques

We use the safest methods to protect your family, with products certified by Health Canada, and our extermination company is licensed by Environment Québec.

Guaranteed Service & Follow-Up

Our work is guaranteed, and our wildlife specialist will not leave your house without a go forward prevention plan


    Skunk Under Porch, Shed or Even House

    Skunks are excellent diggers and can dig new dens under almost any structure. When they build their new dens under structures such as houses, decks, sheds or detached garages, they may cause significant damage. If provided the time and opportunity, skunks will build dens containing many chambers and tunnels, complete with plenty of exits in different spots to ensure a quick escape.

    skunks are carriers of disease and parasites dangerous to humans and pets. When threatened or trapped, skunks can bite, scratch or shoot their defensive spray as far as 20 feet and as high as 10 feet. In addition to causing severe nausea and pain (especially if sprayed in the eyes), their defensive spray may also cause temporary blindness.

    Call us immediately if you suspect a skunk infestation on your property. We are available 24/7 and we get rid of skunks fast!

    Skunk Removal – Call a Wildlife Removal Specialist to Get the Job Done

    Contacting a certified animal control expert like Skunk Removal is the safest, fastest, and most effective way to remove skunks from your property.


    A go-forward prevention plan will also be put into place to ensure that you know how to prevent getting skunks again in the future.

    Skunk Removal has experience and success in solving wildlife problems. We have helped thousands of clients in the GTA. We will completely remove skunks from your property, ensuring your home is safe again!

    Do not waste time and effort with less effective approaches. Get rid of the problem the first time around! Call us today!

    Areas We Service

    Our team has a wide variety of certifications and expertise to service Toronto and the surrounding areas the same day you call us. Contact us if you have a skunk or other wildlife infestation and would like to receive a free quote.

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    • Aurira
    • Barrie
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    • Cambridge
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    • North York
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    Skunks can visit anyone

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