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    Skunk Removal Services

    Skunks prefer dark and secure places such as dens, garage, sheds, under porches & decks. Over the course of winter, female skunks tend to gather together whereas male skunks tend to be alone. The hideout area they choose is often used repeatedly.


    Exterior of home, surroundings, yard, sheds, decks, porches, etc.

    Complete visual, hands-on inspection of the home & surroundings to identify entry-points, nesting areas, locate babies and/or animal feces. Our inspections are thorough and well-thought out by the technician who works with you to get the BEST protection & treatments for your home using safe & humane methods only.


    Traps & Trenching with One-Way Door

    Traps – used to safely & humanely capture skunks from back & front yards, garages, etc. & released back in forests away from the home to ensure they don’t return!

    Trenching with One-Way Door Used for skunks living under porches, decks, sheds, etc. By digging 1-1.5ft around the area to secure our material with a one-way door installed to evict & lock animals out of their dens.


    High-Grade Products & Warranty

    Trenching – This service entails a great amount of work & time as our technician will dig the ground 1-1.5ft to secure the area (decks, sheds, porches, etc.) with our industry-leading technology & products that are 100% natural and eco-friendly that cannot be broken or chewed by any animals. Preventing & protecting you from animals breaking & entering permanently with warranty!


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    Signs That You May Have A Skunk Problem

     You smell them more than usual
     Holes in your lawn
     Dug up flower beds
     Evidence of scratching around your property
     Rolled back sod
     Knocked over trash bins
     Dogs barking more than usual while outside

    How To Deter Skunks From Your Property

    Cleaning up fallen berries, fruit, and seeds
    Raking up leaves and grass
    Keeping tight-fitting lids on your garbage cans
    Filling abandoned burrows with gravel or wire mesh
    Closing off access to barns and sheds
    Removing woodpiles, junkpiles, hollowed logs or any other items that could be used for shelter

    Responding to your emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    Over the years, we have helpped customers in Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Brampton, Newmarket and many other areas in between. We will immidiatly respond to your emergency call, and be onsite as soon as possible. It is our goal to minimize the disruption to your home or business.

    If you suspect that you may have a skunk infestation, never attempt removal yourself. For safe, effective, and humane removal services, contact our experienced technicians today.

    Areas We Service

    Our team has a wide variety of certifications and expertise to service Toronto and the surrounding areas the same day you call us. Contact us if you have a skunk or other wildlife infestation and would like to receive a free quote.

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    Skunks can visit anyone

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